Undeniable belief

Life is a one way trip to the great satisfaction of you. Since the birth of time, Nobody found the way to get behind it and the ppl who found it got undiscovered by their specific mindsets. The denied link between human beings and time is just getting longer and falling apart. We stopped giving value for the time in this money minded world where money is everthing and it rules with its bondage of availability.

If some compromises to the time, Others will drag them down. Simplicity is completely absent as of now domination has taken care of it. Whole world needs comfertness and the satisfaction. To reach the level of complete satisfaction some takes it to end and very few takes on spot at every movement But, To the most “They never get satisfied at all”. This diversified Intelligent species who we call as humans fall in the belief of doing something which is followed by doing the same thing again and again without changing themselves for the good cause.

We deny the truth more than a lie and we accept belef more than what we see from our own eyes. The false positives making the truth to be considered as an undeniable belief. Life is all about how u treat the things that u are believing otherwise it just goes by you and overtakes you and one day it rules you on the way. Let yourself to rule ur world not your instincts to rule you. A monkey do that by often and its ruled by its instincts. We humans not any monkeys anymore.

Relieving ourself from beliefs is very difficult coz the hold of our superstitions are stronger than our taughts. After looking at people I just found some cool ways to get out of it. At first Step we should think as exactly as our belief says and at the second part exactly opposite to it so from this we will get a clear cut definitions about what that belief says and we can shape it as we want later. This is one of the methods in which you can get the hold.

Whereas, There is an other way to exploit tour belief and it is all about denying it all once. Neglect the features what it states and try to accept what present says. Its hard to do that so i have a method to live in present. Before following it please make sure your wife/husband away from you…. is that true??? Nope tht was just a sentence consists of the combination of A-Z letters but you dint see that as like. Many taughts came around your brain after reading that.
This is how your mind thinks and its tuned for that kind of thinking. My Suggestion is atleast once a day try to read a page of Article as it is without thinking anything about it. Everyday it is a tonic for you to train the things and I am proud i did this and doing it since 365 days. Guess what happend the change in me… I started to think in present and the result is infront of you.

I strongly recommend to live in present and to deny your blind belief. Every Instinct is not a belief  it depends on how you take it through you life.

As much as you keep on believing your instincts, more you are dependable. Stop giving value to your blind instincts and try to live at present with what you love and Surprise the world with your presence.


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