Blooming Desire

Diving into the feeling which makes us happy is the collection of sticky notes. Today I am not writing this article to advise anyone or to make you inspired. I do follow myself to see the miracles which happen infront of me. My desire to success is very simple and it says “Be happy” Furthermore, To be happy lead a satisfied life and to get satisfied Happiness is not enough.

I was chatting with one of my friends by the way we discussed this topic about blooming desires present in people and according to her life is just a funny doll which finds you with its cuteness and be a part of you along with you. I do agree with her taught and so suddenly I taught of Writing this article and to let the world to know about it.

Desire is a passion of happiness which keeps you thrilled all the time. It makes you to love yourself. The funny thing is, Desireless people enjoy more in life than desired one. This is because they don’t expect anything from life except to be desireless. This level is a charged one which runs on Top-Gear.

Living in to change others life is satisfaction and laughing out to change urself because of others…. is the true happiness.


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