The Achievement

The Universe! It is a Place where many Miracles happen every second forever. Scientists say it is expanding and authors say it is exploding. It is one of the few things which helps us to expand our thinking level. Let me take u to the place in the Universe at the South of Milkyway Galaxy which is situated. Our solar system where most of the miracles happen. In Universe there happen is a mystery but in our Planet  which is in our solar system, Happens is all about the Emotions of people and It makes most of us weak and weaker.

Emotions are just rules the life. A Emotion towards what You love, What you achieve and the Emotion towards Greediness. Beyond all type of emotions there is a thing called achievement where people often fail know about it. Achievements are like Smartphones in your life. If u achieve something, Validity of that is just as small as Ur Smartphones Life span. U must keep on making your life better and Have to Upgrade with time Otherwise Somebody else will race u to finish.  Achieving the things you dream of is good and being good is better but to Invent the Best you need to Let the Better things go.

To be the best u should let the better things go, for better, good things. To make good you must go through the worst times

The difficult times are like rain it is seasonal and it come n go frequently. According to me to Achieve bigger u gotta live in difficult times. Nothing is permanent in this life as long as u decide it to make it. Being in difficult times, We need to find happiness and it makes you to get out of your comfort zone where there is a whole life included. To commit to the difficulties you gotta grow stronger and need to enjoy the beautiful times.

Life take us to different levels to be in alongside with some love to choose. If we ever fall into the situation to choose between Love and Other thing, Always Choose love and the Love towards you passion will take you to the newer heights. The Proud thing is, Being Passionate makes you to learn every second of your life. Great Achievers are the great learners of life. They Know how to get rid of this things that affects their passion quickly.

Not only the Situation we need to get rid off, Sometimes there will be people we need to leave in order to make us comfortable. Until we achieve something, Being ourselves alone is the best possible way to get less distraction on the road. Often Neglecting Emotions, Feelings and the People who never values for it. Sometimes the people you consider as the best never give values to your feelings irrespective of their situation they are currently facing.

Achievement is not a toy game to play with it. There are 1000s of hours of hard work behind that. World sees the ultimate result but the efforts behind that can only be seen by you and yourself. We need to let go some things in order to achieve effortlessly but If you wanna achieve with all those restrictions, emotions, feelings you got to double your work  rate. The Ultimate Pleasure is, When you see your old times from the best position of your life, as long as you have taken greater risks, pain & tolerance the happy you will be at you commemoration. 

Achieving in life is just a common thing with uncommon capabilities to keep it simple. The Simpler you make easy it will be. Your Experience always affects the life you lead in future


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