The Comfort Zone

There is always a life where people thinks in one way. The Most People get satisfaction for the things what they have got. On the Other side there are some people who love to take risks and never settles for less. They always show hunger to learn something. This Article is about the world where How it will be if we think Uncomfortable as our friend. The Comfort Zone is where we are living and out of it, the Whole life exists with more sadness at first and Lots of satisfaction & happiness at the latter.

You might have seen people struggling everyday of their life, Crying, Leading life with sadness and without fun. Even those people are not out of their comfort zone. Comfort Zone is where all people stay in most of their life as an element in periodic table tends to stay in stable state always. If we move out of our comfort zone for just 10% of our life, We will shine throughout our life.

Sometimes for some people life starts in their comfort zones but eventually it fades away. To stand in life with some ability to face, risks, challenges and struggle are mandatory. Many calm minds struggled to face common situations. The Comfort Zone is the place where u all get your life what u are expected from it. Out of it, There is a life where you need to adapt for the situations and that adaptability is the one key feature that helps you to stand out in every aspects of life.

Life is exciting when it is short lived rather than just living it for long time. We need to think how many days remaining in our life instead of the days we spent. Every minute is an adventure and every day is a new chapter of it. Furthermore, Life is lived when we take risks and when we enjoy those risks as it comes in our way. Difficult times are always expected out of our comfort zone. There are thousands of articles and book are there about the comfort zone and about getting out of it. What is this comfort zone? basically, this is the place where your daily activities included along with your native bunch of those funny wild characters. From the start of your day till the end of it, How many times do you think today is my last day and I need to complete my every work? It is what the comfort zone be. The thinking level and the value giving to your brain from you is almost null. You are not making your brain think for you Instead, you are just driving it to this life as a boring organ of your body which works well from many fluids.

The Comfort Zone is all about understanding, Why you have born in your life. What is the purpose for it. Finding the reason for your birth is just a start of your life where it tells you started already living your life which has started when you started discovering yourself. You may face wild behaviors, words and people in that part of life but, They are all worth it. They are in-front of you for what you did and for what you are doing. You created your life and you will create it. The way you do is what matters. If you try to create boundaries to your life, You always end up with leaving most parts unexplored. 

Life is Interesting for those who make it so, Life is a hell for those fear of living it. There is always a reason for everything you do and you born for. Find the reason and create more reasons to live.


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