“It is a day for happiness. Sometimes to be happy we need to let go the things that matters for us.” This taught came to my mind when I attached to a particular thing where I was not getting any value from it in the past. If we fall into the poll of deciding which in better in between Love and Selfness, Always Love Prevails and the 4 Letter for happiness is Love. Many People try to find the happiness which is not there instead of finding what they have in themselves. Go and Find the happiness which is for you, Not for you in.

Help your way in deciding the things correctly. Whenever life gets harder, Change your life to adjust to yourself and Never change to that life which makes you to adjust for it. To feel or to enjoy happiness,  One should need to have a mind that works at the right time. If the absence of such minds in us, We need to develop those kind! It is no so difficult to have a mind which keeps you always happy and gives you lot of pleasure. There are 2 ways in doing it.

In the first way we should care for everything and Not to expect anything. This is Possible, When you think straight and living in present by not worrying about future and past. Making yourself responsible in every situation you  face and If u Indulge yourself in them makes you feel comfortable to lead life. Understand how you be with everyone and Learn How to  be with the one. Presence of mind in those kind of situations will always keeps you out of trouble.

In the second way, We need to let go everything and need to be selfish. Worrying about the situation never gets you out of it. Need to start thinking in a different way to get rid  of it but not the same way what made you to fall in it. Everyday is not the same and every person is not of same type. Typically The best person you think will never stay as the best forever. Sometimes they too will get off their color respective of their situations they face. These type of things often Occurs when they loose the static in the relationship.

Good times roll most of the times but at hard times where relation breaks. Anyone will support you when you are happy but the people who supports all of your time is the best people for you. Decide who is the best and what makes them as the best. You also find the people who tells you that they will be with you forever even everybody leaves you, Never trust those type of people Coz, The People Who talks about leaving instead of living will always leaves you. A Year of Good times never break the people but, An hour of hard time make u to loose people.

It depends on you that how you manage the people.  Managing People is not just like sharing time slots for them. It is about how u be with them when you are with them. This is the biggest factor tends to loose people. Happiness can be found everywhere  but u need to choose which type of Happy movements keep you cherish your life.

Happiness is like an Oxygen It can be found everywhere but If  you enjoy it so hard sometimes it even helps the fire to burn you too. Be careful in choosing which is the best for you and which is good. Once you find the best thing don’t try to look at better things coz If you want to keep you both, The first thing you loose is the best things. If you want to be the best and to be with the best you must leave the better things. The Key for happiness is to chase it. It this Pursuit of Happiness, People may come and go but you are the one who stays with you forever. If u loose some of the best people ,Their Memories will be with you forever and that makes u to stay happy. Meanwhile, The People who tells you to be with you forever never be with you may be coz of the things what you did to them or for the things what they have done to you but till your last breath You are the one who can make yourself happy.

There will be some People who even stays forever and ever even after death too. They are Special and they are the one who called as eternal and the people never dies forever. They are Immortal

Wonderfulness of the life is Just to wonder how people change according to the life they face. Eventually who go through all the hard times will prevail as the best and the Happiest


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